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【2021/3/12】 渇き – 水と征服を求めて

(English follows) 福島県生まれの私が、自分が東北人であるアイデンティティに向き合い始めたころ、2009年の秋に東京と福島での展覧会に参加した。


Around I had started to face my identity as a Tohoku person (Northeasterners) born in Fukushima, I participated in two exhibitions in Tokyo and Fukushima prefecture in 2009.
The following two works that I created at that time happened to be those of the enemies destined for 1189.


作品 Work:5 /

「渇き ー水と征服を求めてー」




[Thirst for Water and Conquest] In 1189, shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo destroyed the Fujiwara clan of Oshu-Hiraizumi (Tohoku region), and made a triumphant return to Tokyo. It is said that the army of Minamoto no Yoritomo pierced the ground with bows in search of drinking water and became the source of Zenpukuji Pond.
The bow symbolizes his thirst for rule and his thirst for water. And that would be the universal desire of human beings. The tranquility makes it timeless. Behind the bow, a line of horses quietly passing through the light. Endless battles and lost lives from ancient times to the present.

材木、竹、針金、植物、他 / lumber, bamboo, glass, wire, etc.
L.2300cm, W.500cm, H.170 cm
都立善福寺公園、東京 / Zempukuji Park, Tokyo
[トロールの森 / TROLLS IN THE PARK 2009] Japan & UK


作品 Work: 6 /






[Conflict in Human History]This work surveys human history, from ancient to present times, through the lens of the many conflicts that have occurred. Maruyama interrelates the diorama of The Battle of Atsukashiyama as the “scenes” that seemingly jump out from her work. In that battle, shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo conquered the Oshu Fujiwara clan, destroying the peaceful Buddhist city in the Tohoku region that was built by the clan.
There must be many stories and significant events that could reveal aspects of their forgotten humanity.

画像 紙 プラスチックシート 他 / image, plastic sheet, etc.
L.2000cm, H.30cm, D.600 cm
福島県立博物館、会津若松、福島 / Fukushima Museum, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima
[はじめる視点 -岡本太郎の博物館/博物館から覚醒するアーティストたちー]
[FIRST VISION: Okamoto Taro’s Museum – Artists Inspired by Museums]

葉羽 福島県博に展示されていた事を思い出します。思えば、あれが丸山芳子さんとの出逢いでした。

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