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"ホシノキセキ" by -WindSphere-



【2019/10/6】 精神の〈北〉へ vol.10:かすかな共振をとらえて
《シリーズ「蝶になる / Series: Becoming a Butterfly」》










 命のはじまり 9 / Beginning 9


 細胞 2 / Cell 2


 命のはじまり 8 / Beginning 8


 幼虫 / Larva


 蝶になる 5 / Becoming a Butterfly 5


 蝶になる 6 / Becoming a Butterfly 6


 That Day at Seaside


 黒い波 1 / Black Wave 1


 出現・夜明け 1 / Dawn 1



Spirit of 'North’ vol.10: Sensing Faint Resonances Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland 21 Sep. 2019 ~ 26 Jan. 2020 A swallowtail butterfly flew into our yard and laid its eggs. The eggs went through the transformation from caterpillar to pupa to butterfly, before taking off into the dawn. I have been observing this process repeatedly since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. After the mourning of mass deaths, the solemn passing on of life to the next generation shown by this visitor from nature spoke to me. What especially draws my attention is the pupa period, the transition between caterpillar and butterfly. Within the pupa, it appears that the creature’s cells simultaneously go through death and generation in order for it to undergo this dramatic change in form. By overcoming this period of death-like dormancy, which is actually hiding a major change of the body, it is reborn as a butterfly. In this process I see the people of Tohoku(1), who are getting back on their feet after the disaster of 3.11(2), determined to change themselves and Japan. Moreover, how this small body goes through these miraculous changes and how the grand order of the universe is revealed to us through the earth’s tectonic movements makes me wonder about the natural cycles that creation goes through. It calms my soul to know that the butterfly and human both live their lives within this grand cycle of time. Notes: 1. Area devastated by the earthquake. 2. Date of the earthquake.

葉羽 さなぎに出会ったあの日を覚えていますから、このシリーズの背景がしっかりと脳裏にありますよ(笑)

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