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【2020/6/8】 Women Artist Challenge

 国内外の女性作家のリレーが繋げられているようです。私は、高草木 裕子 (Hiroko Takakusaki)さんよりバトンを受けました。


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 タイトル:廃墟から / From the Ruins
 素材:樹木、石、現地の風景 / tree, stone, the view
 サイズ:20m x 3m サイズ可変 / dimension variable
 制作年:2011 (Kunst I Natur Biennale 2011, Kjerringoy, Bodo, Norway)





「きこえるかい?」ノルウェイ語で "HØRER DU MEG?” このことばを、周囲の林から得た倒木で文字の形に置き、ささやかな人間の暮らしの痕跡を添え、文字の連なりを集落の連なりとして表現しました。


In the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I hoped to solve my shock of the natural disaster that occurred in Tohoku region where connected to my identity.
I created my unforgettable sight of the coast of Tohoku region, which was drastically changed to ruins by the earthquake, tsunami, and the nuclear power plant accident, on the grassland facing the towering mountains in Norway.
In my work, humans face the great nature as one living creature in the silence after the tsunami. This is the first contact from humans to the nature to recreate a new relationship. "Can you hear me?" In Norwegian, "HØRER DU MEG?" This word was made by fallen trees, expressing a range of destroyed towns by a range of letters. I created in the silence with thinking about my hometown and Tohoku region, it was calming my sorrow.
I decided to restart, and lead to my new project that connect with some artists who I met at this biennale.

次のバトンは、私と同じように、北を豊かな重要な場所と感じている浅井 真理子 (Asai Mariko)さんにお渡しします。

Women Artist Challenge

3月8日は世界女性の日です。1908年、アメリカ女性労働者達の労働条件の改善と参政権保障を要求した抗議の始まり以来、世界各国の女性団体が女性の地位向上と尊厳のために祈り、行動をする日です。女性作家の連帯と自己の限界を追求する"women artist challenge"を開始しました。
The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. Since the protest of female labourers in the United States in 1909, demanding an improvement of working conditions, this day is commemorated by women’s organizations worldwide working to promote respect for women and advocating for the improvement of their status in society.
In support of female artists and to push myself I have started a “women artists challenge”.
I was invited 高草木 裕子 (Hiroko Takakusaki) Today, I will upload my work and nominate artists. The Next person I would like to nominate is 浅井 真理子 (Asai Mariko).

葉羽 この北欧の高原に残してきた作品・・まるで家族のように思えるのではないでしょうか。

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